SEAL Grinder PT FreakFrog 2018 Montana

48 Hour Mission

*****WARNING ORDER*****  

Date: October 2018  

Location: Trenton Georgia  

Status: Mission Critical  

Objective: Survive  

Duration: 48 Hours

SEAL Grinder PT and Awakening Events Present the chance of a lifetime. An endurance event like none other. One that will challenge you in ways you only imagined. Put you in a simulation sequence that will transport your mind and body into life and death scenarios... Will you survive?  

Over the course of 48 hours you and a team will navigate your way through a series of challenges in an outdoor arena spanning over 500 Acres. You will need to rely on the skills of each and every teammate to conquer the challenge and meet the time hacks. Success = Reward and Failure = Punishment... You choose....  

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Physical Requirements 

This course is designed to be challenging. You will be operating on limited sleep or no sleep for 48 hours. You should be able to ruck 10 miles with 35#, run 5 miles at a 10 minute mile pace with gear. Meals are limited and it is suggested that you are able to eat MRE's. Due to the nature of this training is it very hard to accomodate dietary needs. 

You must qualify to attend this event by attending one of the following events: 4 Hour Indoc with Auto Qualification Approval, 8 Hour Qualification with Approval, FreakFrog or SOF Prep with Approval. 

Accomodations and Gear

  • This is a wilderness style course. You will be in the field most of the time. Meals will be provided. But you will need your own gear.
  • You can purchase your plate carrier and 3 Day Assault Pack HERE:
  • Plate Carrier
  • Assault Pack

Gear List: 

  • 3 Day Ruck Sack or Internal Frame Style Pack with Hydration System
  • Durable Hiking Boots or Combat Boots Broken In
  • Hiking Shoes 
  • Flip Flops
  • 5 Pairs of Socks with laying System
  • 2 Pairs BDU Pant
  • 1 Pair PT Shorts
  • 4 Green T Shirts 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend
  • 1 Baseball Cap
  • 1 Boonie Cap
  • 1 Neck Gator or Head Cover
  • Wrap Around Sunglasses Durable
  • 1 Packabale Rain Jacket
  • 1 WindStopper Fleece 
  • Compact Sleeping Bag 50 Degree 
  • Foam Mat or Compact AirMattress 
  • Ground Tarp
  • Backcountry Tent (suggested not required)
  • Headlamp w/Red LED and Flashlight
  • Folding Blade Knife (you can buy in Billings or Big Timber)
  • Parracord
  • Compass
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 Days of casual clothes, swim trunks, shorts, shirt, sweatshirt. 

Participant to Coach Ratio

This is a truly unique event. Expect at times to get 1-1 participant to coach/instructor attention. This event is capped at 16 participants with 2 Groups of 8 working together during select training exercises. 3 - 5 Person Support Teams will be working with you as you go out on recon missions. You will have: Radio Support, Overwatch, Heavy Equipment Support and More! 

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