SEAL Grinder PT FreakFrog 2018 Montana

8 Hour Qualification

*****WARNING ORDER*****  

Date: May 2018

Location: San Diego County, Trenton Geogria

Status: Phase 2 Training 

Objective: Qualify for the Mission!

Duration: 8+ Hours

Locations: San Diego County and Trenton Georgia

Welcome to the 8 Hour Qualification event. This is the 2nd step on a path to a revolutionary way to get mentally and physically fit for any situation. SGPT has partnered with Awakening Events to create a 3 step process to becoming an asset to any team.

How It Works: This is not your traditional form of functional fitness training. This is a proven method with challenges, benchmarks and training systems designed to get you in peak physical and mental shape while having the time of your life. 

Tell Me More: Navy SEALs and Special Operators go through some of the most intense mental and physical training on the planet. The purpose behind this is to ensure that their teammates have full confidence in everyone they are working with. We have taken parts of this training and developed a pathway for anyone willing to step up and commit and become an asset to any team.

The Process 

We have created a 3 Phase Process to Achieving your Goal

Phase 1: Find a regional 4 Hour Indoc event in your area and commit. Early enrollment is only 49.97 or 79.97 with a 90 day on ramp training plan. Sign up and train. It's that simple. Upon Completion of Phase 1 you will either auto qualify for the final event or be sent on to training Phase 2.  

Phase 2: Our 8 Hour Qualification Training Event. We host 2 of these a year in San Diego County and Trenton Georgia. This event is $149.00 with early enrollment or $249.00 with a 180 Day Total Training Package. Everyone who successfully completes this event will qualify for Phase 3.

Phase 3; The Mission 48 Hour Endurance Challenge. Where you and a team will navigate your way through our 500+ acre arena facing challenges designed by our elite cadre of Navy SEAL and Special Operations Coaches. 

How Do I Train?

SEAL Grinder PT has a complete line of Training Products to suit your needs. You can go to our Trainng HUB and Select a 90 Day Plan that suits your needs.  

Click Here to View SGPT's Complete Line of Training Plans

Suggested Plans:

90 Day Strength and Conditioning

90 Day Female Strength and Conditioning  


8 Hour Qualification Gear:

Combat or Hiking Boots Broken in 6" or Taller

Ruck Sack with Hydration System and 1 Water Bottle

BDU Pants Tan or Khaki For San Diego Woodland Camo for Trenton Georgia

1 Long Sleeve Performance Shirt Olive Green or Similar

1 Hat 

1 LED Headlamp with RED Light. 

Any Snacks, Food or Other Supplies you feel you need to carry. We will provide 1 Meal and Water Refills. 

Complete Change of Clothes for Post Event. 

What to Expect

This event will incorperate Military Style PT Training, Land Nav, Rucking, Load Movements, Teamwork, Communication, Endurance and Mental Toughness. It is not a beatdown but a simulation scenerio where you will have to solve problems while working as a team and acheive your objective. 

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