SGPT Football

SEAL Grinder PT's 90 Day Football Program

Developed by Former NFL Player and SGPT Coach Derek C. Price

90 Days of Pre Programmed Workouts

What do you get when a Former NFL Player and a Former Navy SEAL sit down and draft a 90 day training program? Results!

We have created a 40 Page Downloadable Training Book. Each workout is unique and designed to target a specific area. Core to Extremity.  

This can easily be completed at a Home Gym, CrossFit Box, Regular Gym, School or College Training Facility.  

These workouts are designed to improve your mental and physcial game. Let you focus on your goals. Be an asset to your team! 

Goal of this Program: Improve Explosive Power. Increase Speed. Develop Mental Toughness. Become Harder to KILL!  

This is Part 1 of a 3 Phase Build Up: Focus is on Strength and Conditioning. Core to Extremity. 


Strength: Your foundation or “Core”. It’s useless to pile on horsepower to a weak chassis. So we start at the beginning. We focus on Deadlift, Front Squat, Weighted Pull Ups and Bench Press. 


Once you have built your chassis we move on and start adding HP! Here we incorporate explosive movements that will not only maintain strength you have created but convert it into usable explosive power! Utilizing Power Cleans and other explosive hip opening movements. 


Life is a marathon not a sprint. You need to be able to go the distance. This portion of training will morph the strength and power you have developed and turn you into a relentless unwavering machine. Farmer Carries, Sand Bag Drills, Weighted Lunges and Grinder PT. 

Mental Fortitude

Every year millions of people commit to physical goals and QUIT... Why? They are mentally weak. You aren’t that person. You are committed to completing one of the most intensive training programs ever developed. YOU GOT THIS! EASY DAY!  

What's Included? 

This 90 Day Training Plan will Target 4 Areas: Strength, Power, Endurance and Mental Fortitude.  

Packed with strength training, conditioning drills, crucible style challenges, and recocery days. This program gets results.  

We break this up into easy to follow sections. All programs are fully supported by our SGPT Staff. Have a question? Just ask we will guide you through the program.  

Don't just sit on the sidelines this season. GET IN THE FIGHT!

About the Programmer: 

  • Certifications, experience, honors  
  • Mesa Community College Football MVP 1992
  • All- American JC Gridwire Tight End 1992
  • Western States League Offensive Player of the Year 1992
  • Top Shelf Player of the Year 1992
  • Mesa Community College Thunderbird award winner 1992
  • University of Iowa Hawkeye 2x time Letterman Football 1993-1995
  • NFL Detroit Lions 1996-1997
  • High School All City/Team Captain Honors 1991
  • University of Iowa BA 1995
  • Life College Chiropractic Doctor of Chiropractic 2000
  • Ironman Finisher 5x 2008- 2012
  • Half Ironman, Olympic and Sprint distance Finisher and Division winner 2008-2014
  • Doctorate in Chiropractic, Life University, Marietta GA, Honors Graduate
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Awakening Lead Coach/Cadre
  • University South Alabama Football lead Cadre for 12 hour crucible 
  • Founder of SGPT Football  

About SEAL Grinder PT

SEAL Grinder PT was founded in 2008 by Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod. Starting out as a CrossFit Gym in Atlanta, Brad soon evolved his business to online training programs. In 2011 he self published FreakFrogman Workouts a 80 page eBook that was written for his son who wanted to become a Navy SEAL. Brad put everything he knew about training and mental toughness into this book. Now Brad lives with his wife and 2 children in Florida and runs SGPT full time. His primary focus is training others and raising funds for worthy charitable organizations.