The Navy SEAL Mental and Physical Training System

The Ultimate Mental Toughness Training Manual  

By Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod and SGPT Online Training

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3 Phases of Training:

Phase 1: The Navy SEAL Mental Training System 30 Day Program

Phase 2: The Navy SEAL Breathing and Mindset Training 30 Day Program

Phase 3: The Navy SEAL Strength and Conditioning 90 Day Program 

This is the ultimate DIY Digital PDF Guide to training your mind and body. 

What if over 150 Days you could train your mind and body in a way that allowed you to take control of nearly any situation? Gain the edge at work, on the field, in sports and in LIFE!

A Navy SEAL spends nearly every day of their career focusing on getting 1% better than the day before. Now you can learn the simple steps necessary to be able to accomplish nearly any task. 

We break this down into a very simple process. 

3 complete phases of training. 

Our easy to follow handbook will reorganize your life. 

You will have more personal time, eliminate stress and anxiety. Improve sleep and MORE!

Most importantly you will discover your "WHY" or your reason... 

What is your... “WHY”?

Here's what we cover: 

Phase 1: Daily Routine and Mindset Training

Phase 2: Breathing and Mental Toughness

Phase 3: Intensive Strength and Conditioning 

This is an instant download training manual!

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This program is ideal for any level athlete looking to maximize how they train. We cover mindset and mental toughness, strength cycles, conditioning, breathing drills and MORE! 

This handbook is meant to be interactive. You can put this on your phone, laptop, or tablet and take it with you to the gym. These practices can be applied to all areas of your life. They are simple, effective and powerful. 1% Better Every Day!  

Sample Workout from Phase 2

Week 2 Growth and Personal Development

Day 8

We are still keeping with the daily routine theme to start off your day.

Diaphragmatic Breathing: (see day 1 for refresher on details)

30 Reps of Diaphragmatic Breathing: Inhale 7 - 9 seconds through nose, exhale 10 - 12 seconds through mouth.

Mindset Challenge: Focusing on your goal you created on day 1, spend the day finding gear or researching your challenge, use youtube and watch videos of people completing a similar challenge or to learn more about your goal. Example: you want to hike 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail, do your homework FIRST!

Physical Challenge:

Warm Up
Run, Bike, Row or Swim for 15 minutes at 50% of your full sprint pacing. Complete Stretch Targeting your own tight or sore areas.

3 Rounds:
200m Farmer Walk Carry Two Awkward Objects between 20 - 40# 50m Bear Crawl
50m Walking Lunges
50m Sprint
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

Cool Down:
Run, Bike, Row or Swim for 15 minutes at 50% of your full sprint pacing. 

Complete Stretch Targeting your own tight or sore areas. Foam Roll or Massage as needed. 

In this book we cover:  

  • Establishing a daily routine.
  • Improving your sleeping pattern
  • Breathing Exercises to Improve Cardio
  • 150 Day Fitness Plan
  • 60 Day Mental Training and Mindset Training

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"As a former Navy SEAL Team 4 Operator, Athlete, Husband, and Father…my experiences have allowed me to achieve happiness and success in all aspects of my life."  

This isn’t just a workout/self help book, it’s a How-To DIY handbook on conquering the hardest things life can throw at you. Be mentally and physically ready!