SGPT Events 

SGPT Awakening Series

This 3 event series developed by SGPT and Awakening is the ultimate path to endurance/SOF training. You begin with a 4 hour regional challenge that will set your baseline numbers and show you your weaknesses. Next you will move onto our Qualifier Series. With 2 Locations on the East and West Coast. 8 Hours of non stop kick ass training with Special Operations Instructors. Finally the Mission. The ulitmate 48 Hour Endurance Event. Put all your skills to the test and operate as a platoon for 48 hours. 10 individual challenges face you as you navigate your way through a 500 acre arena. 


Start Here. A 4 Hour Intro to SGPT Training methods. You will get your baseline established and join a team on a 3 hour Mission. 


Put your training to the test in this 2nd Phase Training Event. 8 Hours of non stop PT, Rucking, Team Drills, Load Movement and More!  


Jock up and deploy! You and your platoon will tackle 10 challenges in 48 hours. The ulitmate endurance challenge. 

Training Events

Each of these events are designed to give you skills you need to excel at our 48 Hour Mission. Each event also gives you an advantage that you can play during your 48 hour ulimate endurance challenge. Choose wisely... Or complete them all. 

FreakFrog 2018

Montana July 26th, This 3 Day and 2 Night Training Camp focuses on Land Nav, Team Movement, Intro to Fireamrs Tactics and More. 

SOF Prep

You want to be an Operator? Start Here. This 5 Day Course in San Diego California will teach you the tools needed to complete your selection process. 

SWAT Concepts

Sniper Skills, Tactical Skills, Movement Drills. This is hands on training. 

Spartan 7

Tier 1 High Dollar SEAL Experience. Only a select few will be able to attend this training. 

Shoot and Move

Ever wanted to shoot an AR from a Helicopter? How about learn proper shooting skills from a former operator? 


10 Day off grid treks that will push you to the limits!

Ad On Training Evolutions and eCourses

Flow State 

Train with Coach Jeff Grant in Swizterland.


90, 60 and 30 Day Fueling Challenges. Clean up your eating and fuel for your training. 


Basic intro to emergency first aid.