Welcome to SGPT Online Training Hub. Please take a few moments to browse our complete menu of training plans and find the one that works best for you. 180 Day Total Training all the way to Fueling for Performance. BUD/s Prep to Endurance and OCR Training. 

180 Day Training

180 Days of Pre Programmed Training. Strength, Power, Endurance, Mental Fortitude. Our best selling program. 

90 Day Training

90 Days of Strength and Conditioning. This is the program that started it all. BackSquat, DeadLift, BenchPress, Strict Press. Core to Extremity. 

30 Day Training

This 30 Day BodyWeight Blaster is as down and dirty as it gets. 

Specialty Courses


Coach Brad McLeod's Best Selling eBook. Don't make the same mistakes he did. 

SOF Prep/BUD/s Prep

The ulitmate pre SOF training program. We have combined trainnig methods from over 10 Special Forces Instructors. This is your BIBLE!


30 Day Mental Training. Short Term, Long Term, KIM Style Training. Mind Games. Puzzles and More. Includes a daily routine and minful training. 

Female Endurance

Tier 1 High Dollar SEAL Experience. Only a select few will be able to attend this training. 

SGPT Football

Ever wanted to shoot an AR from a Helicopter? How about learn proper shooting skills from a former operator? 


10 Day off grid treks that will push you to the limits!